Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chasing the Giants

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My name is Jeff Bennington and I am the author of the Political thriller, Chasing the Giants ( After finding three more politically educational sites today, I have to say thank God for the internet. Without it, folks like you and I would never know that there are organizations out there like Restore the Republic, Freedom.TV and Republic Magazine. I have run across all three of these groups today and feel like I have hit a gold mine of information! What really gets my goose is that the greed and corruption in our government and economy is so blatantly obvious that I can see right through the media headlines, moving digital subtitles and broadcast commentary without ever reading or watching any of the view points expressed by the above noted organizations. There is no masking of ideas or propaganda here. I have simply concluded as have millions of other patriotic Americans that something is deeply and sadly wrong with our country and where our leadership is taking us. We are smart enough to see what is going on.

Generally, I believe that our problems are not balancing on party lines but that they run deeper than the house of congress (although that is clearly where much of the battle is being fought). I play this theory out in my book, Chasing the Giants (albeit fictional) by demonstrating through a story line how deep the corruption and greed go: Deeper than politics and corporations. In the book, the Giants are the ultra wealthy elite who have the power and resources to undercut the American Constitution and way of life by generating a huge undercurrent of power that converts even the most sincere public official. The Giants are unseen and unknown yet they rule not only our country but more and more of our planets real estate with each passing day. Not only must they be stopped in my book, they must be stopped in real life. THE GREED AND CORRUPTION MUST STOP! So I ask you to support this ideology in anyway you can, whether it is by supporting Restore the Republic, Freedom.TV, Republic magazine or by buying my book and subscribing to my blog. We have to speak up and let the Giants know that we are aware of there schemes and we are going to do something about it.

Beware, historically you are putting yourself at risk by speaking up and making your voice heard! Are you up for that? Will you wait until the "Change" we were promised never comes? Or will you make a stand for freedom and Liberty today? I hope you are brave enough to do the later!

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