Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The President is hearing Voices!

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In a recent response to a comment at, I made the following comments about the Presidents ability to bring change. Of course I believe inspiring change and making change happen are 2 different things. Anyway, here is what I wrote....

"I hear you brother! There isn't any evidence that a President in recent history has actually kept in touch with the reality of his constituents. A Pres. has so many voices... so many influences and forces coming at him that it is impossible for him to listen to all of that input and not be influenced himself. And I do not believe that those voices (i.e. his cabinet, advisors, and business leaders) are meek and mild! The Pres. is not the only one in Washington with an agenda. And I'm sorry, but I don't think anyone could hold up to the kind of pressure that he will be under by those voices... the powers that be.

If the Pres. actually had the nerve and stamina to hold his own for four years, we would be in a different country right now. If it was that easy to remain true to the American public, than we would still be a republic rather than a Businesstocracy. But we are not the republic; we are not a democracy. America has been duped! And if you watched how ecstatic and happy the voters were whenever Barrack spoke, no matter what he said, it is obvious that we have not learned a single single thing about how politicians work. What has he said that is new? What part of tax relief, health care, budget balancing or jobs for all have we not heard before? Listen, the Pres. is no longer in a position to make a difference for the American people. Barrack will find that out soon enough and he will be just as disillusioned as we are!"

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Road to Nihilism

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Just for fun I am going to post a snap shot of the first chapter of my book, Chasing the Giants: The Road to Nihilism. This is the Prequel to C the G (the original). I hope you like it. And just for fun, I might post a sample chapter of Chasing the Giants (the original) later this week. So without further a due....

Chapter 1: On Strike

Day 1 7:00 am
Chapleau, Ontario, Canada

As the sun was rising in the diminishing town of Chapleau, a mist covered the earth. The Canadian mist grew strong in the early morning hours but began to fade with each passing moment. Likewise, the future of this small oil town lay in the balance as fear and questions permeated the morning air.

The damp gravel road that led to the oil refinery was littered with vehicles and fifty-gallon drums. The fires rose from the drums as they glistened in the mist, emitting a halo like glow. The light illuminated the moist vapors as they drifted in the chilled atmosphere. It was mid autumn.

The cars and trucks that were parked along the side of the road belonged to the workers who were on strike. Slowly, the striking union workers began to emerge from their vehicles as the effects of their caffeine enriched drinks began to absorb into their bloodstream. Gradually, their worn leather work boots quickened as they lifted their picket signs and posters and began to gather around the gated entrance of their estranged employer, Petroleum Products International or PPI as they are often referred to.

The workers consisted of Steam Fitters, Ironworkers, Electricians and Oilmen. They were on strike because their Union negotiated contract had expired. Their union representation and the company management were in a dead lock over wages and health benefits. To make matters worse, PPI was busing in a large group of temporary laborers from Texas to fill in while the union was on strike. Needless to say, the normally quiet morning in the town of Chapleau was about to get chaotic.


“Here she comes Blake!” Shouted Dennis.
“I see it.” Blake responded as he squinted to see the old yellow school approaching in the distance.
Blake Driscole was the local committeeman in the union and one of the crew leaders on the day shift. He was hardened by a life of heavy, greasy, toilsome labor in the oil industry. An Oilman by trade and a rock solid leader, he was intent on sending a message to management that he and his fellow workers were not going to give up a lifetime of dedicated service and accept the demands of the very profitable company.

“How many of them do you suppose are on that piece of shit bus Blake?” Dennis asked as he brushed shoulders with Blake, his best friend.

“Don’t know Dennis. I guess their might be forty of fifty of em’.”
“Do you suppose they have bats and clubs too?”

Slightly irritated, Blake responded, “Dennis…I don’t know anything more about those scabs than you do. So just shut up, hold up your sign and wait like the rest of us.”

Sheepishly, “Sure thing Blake. Sorry I ruffled yur feathers like that. I didn’t mean any harm…I just…”

“Shut up D!” Blake interrupted. Then he turned to face the approaching bus as it came closer to the picket line. As he turned, he cocked his neck slightly in the direction of the rest of the crowd and shouted, “Ok everyone, this is it. Get in your formation and hold up those signs. Gail? (Looking at the tall, rugged female ironworker to his left)…Start the battle cry.”

At that moment, Gail Skinner, encased in denim welders clothing, began to yell, “Keep our pay…No scabs today! Keep our pay…No scabs today!” She was joined by dozens of the other union members who began to cry out in unison…”Keep our pay…No scabs today!” They moved in what seemed like slow motion as they thrust their signs and banners up and down into the air while they marched in step with the rhythm of their declaration.


The local media had just rolled in to get the scoop on the scabs. They were scurrying around as they loaded their cameras, straightened their ties and checked their teeth for cleanliness. In the distance you could hear the reporters giving directions, “Over here Bill. I think we’ll get a better shot with the refinery as a back drop.” Meanwhile, another crew was stressing out while the cameraman shouted, “…Hold on. My goddamn batteries dead…”


Behind the angry demonstrators were half a dozen company security guards. They were dressed in grey military like uniforms, with black pinstripes down the side of their slacks and a Canadian flag sewn on their left shoulder. In addition, they were accessorized with riot gear, which consisted of face shields, riot padding and belts holding small cans of tear gas and Billy clubs. They were ready for battle.

The security guards were usually on good terms with the other workers. In fact, they diligently served the company hoping that one day they might get a better paying job inside the facility or maybe even get an apprenticeship in one of the trades. But on this day they had orders that conflicted with business as usual. On this day, the security guards were required to keep their friends and neighbors out of the refinery and to allow the bus full of scabs in so the refinery can continue production. Although they were paid security, they feared the outcome of the day’s events.

They stood in front of the ten-foot tall rolling gate, shoulder to shoulder as their sweaty hands nervously clinched their Billy clubs. Looking across the fragile scene, each security officer mimicked the lifeless expression of Greg Miller, the Captain of the guards. Then as the union members began their battle cry, Greg yelled out command number one, “Attention!” And then continued with, “Hold your ground gentleman, this might get ugly.”


The bus was getting close enough now that it had to slow down in order to avoid running the protesters over. So as the driver applied the brakes, the dry dirt under the thin layer of dew began to fill the once fresh air with a dirty, dusty fog that replaced the mist. The peaceful scenery that served as a backdrop only minutes prior to the bus’ arrival was now clouded and filled with tension and fear of what might transpire. A sense of anxiety began to permeate throughout all three parties.

As the bus approached, the guards held their ground. Then the union began to encircle the front of the bus. The union’s war cry ended and was replaced with the squeal of the brakes that emitted from the worn brake pads. Then silence emerged as if it stepped out of the dusty smoke and rolled through the crowd.

Blake stepped toward the bi-fold entry door when the bus came to a complete stop. He stretched out his arm with the baseball bat in hand. Then he knocked on the glass portion of the door with the bat.

“Open the door!” Blake shouted and then repeated himself as his voice increased in decibels, “Open the door!”
Subsequently the door began to open. It squeaked and rattled as the dilapidated door started to fold and slide to the right. Then with his arm stretched as he held the door handle, the bus driver looked at Blake, dropped his head in frustration and said, “Hey mister, I don’t want any trouble. All I want to do is drop these folks off and get home to my family…safely. Now if you will kindly let us pass, I sure would appreciate it.”

Blake coldly responded with, “You’re not going inside of these gates with those scabs. We are on strike, and we’re not going to let them in there. So if you don’t turn around, you are going to be driving these folks to the hospital today. Is that what you want?”

“No…I…I don’t think anyone here wants that. But I have got a job to do...” Angrily, Blake stepped inside of the bus. Then the bus driver, fearful of Blake’s motives, attempted to close the door on him. But as the closing door thrust Blake to one side, he lunged forward and grabbed the bus driver’s arm. Then he grabbed his shirt collar with the strength of his intimidating frame and pulled the driver out of his Captains chair and down the steps. The driver’s arms and legs were kicking and flailing about as Blake mercilessly dragged him onto the dusty gravel road.

“You shouldn’t have done that friend…” proclaimed Blake as he struggled to pull the driver down the steps.
The bus driver attempted to hold his ground and protested with an incomplete…“What the fu…”
“Shut up!” Interrupted Blake. “Quit squirming around. Your making this more difficult than it needs to be.”
Blake continued to drag the driver out of the bus until he was several feet away. And when he was satisfied with the driver’s position, he threw him down on the ground as if he were shaking water from his hands…cleansing himself of the squeamish character. Then some of the other union workers completed Blake’s work by blocking the door: preventing him from re-entering the bus.

“Stay there!” Directed Dennis in his high pitched irritating voice. Then he glanced at Blake hoping for a sign of his approval. It never came. Blake moved on to the other inhabitants of the bus.

Blake attempted to communicate as best he could with the workers. Using both hand signals and broken Spanish he spoke to the scabs, “Hola’… No Espanola…No work…Go home…adios!” Then he pointed in the direction from which they came and walked out of the bus hoping that the example he made of the bus driver would have intimidated them enough.

The guards came to the aid of the bus driver and helped to dust him off while he lay there with his broken pride. He was obviously annoyed at Blake and resented the embarrassment that Blake caused him. So as Blake made his way back into the crowd of the other union members, the bus driver peered at him with revulsion. As the mob regrouped, silence resumed as everyone stood still, waiting, wondering and anticipating what would happen next.

To read more and to purchase a copy of Chasing the Giants go to my web page

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Don’t Blame the UAW for the Auto Industry’s Problems

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I like to read what other people think so I can keep my self in check. With that said, I went to a conservative blog and came across this post. It Is by Ross Eisenbrey. When I read it I was glad that I am not the only one who thinks this way! So check it out and then buy my book to read my interpretation of what lies ahead of us if the lies, corruption and greed within our government, corporations and media continues.

Don’t Blame the UAW for the Auto Industry’s Problems

By Ross Eisenbrey

The problems of the Big Three are not the result of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, which has cut labor costs by billions of dollars.

The problems are the result of the credit crisis, which has wrecked the market for auto loans and made it hard to borrow enough money to buy a car; the spike in gas prices earlier this year which wrecked sales for SUVs; and, the overall economic crisis, which has wrecked consumer confidence, shrunk payrolls by more than a million dollars and left more than 10 million Americans unemployed. All car sales are down, including Toyota’s and Honda’s.

Labor costs are only 10% of the sales price of an average vehicle. But the UAW has done its part to ensure competitiveness. UAW contracts allow the Big Three to hire new workers at about half of Toyota’s $25-$30 an hour wage rate. The biggest competitive drag on the auto companies is the cost of a million retirees -– the result of being in business in the U.S. for the last 75 years.

The Japanese manufacturers in the U.S. haven’t been here long enough to have more than a handful of retirees and don’t take responsibility for their health care. But even that cost was cut in half by the last two UAW contracts. Don’t blame the UAW for failure to pass national health care reform.

If you think UAW workers have unproductive work rules, get this: 9 out of the 10 most efficient auto assembly plants in the U.S. are UAW plants. And, by the way, Toyota has a “job bank,” too. When good, experienced workers are temporarily laid off, smart companies don’t want to lose them to another employer.

Whatever you think of the Big Three’s products, remember that the UAW has absolutely no say in design choices or whether GM will build trucks or sub-compacts, let alone what their mileage will be. Where they do have a say, they’ve fought to keep the Big Three’s factories in the U.S., to make factory work safer, and to earn fair compensation for a life of physical labor.

And when you hear people complain that UAW members make $55,000 a year, remember that that’s one-third what the average financial services worker earns, yet no one suggested forcing bank and brokerage employees to take pay cuts when their companies were bailed out.

Ross Eisenbrey is vice president of the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.C.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chasing the Giants

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My name is Jeff Bennington and I am the author of the Political thriller, Chasing the Giants ( After finding three more politically educational sites today, I have to say thank God for the internet. Without it, folks like you and I would never know that there are organizations out there like Restore the Republic, Freedom.TV and Republic Magazine. I have run across all three of these groups today and feel like I have hit a gold mine of information! What really gets my goose is that the greed and corruption in our government and economy is so blatantly obvious that I can see right through the media headlines, moving digital subtitles and broadcast commentary without ever reading or watching any of the view points expressed by the above noted organizations. There is no masking of ideas or propaganda here. I have simply concluded as have millions of other patriotic Americans that something is deeply and sadly wrong with our country and where our leadership is taking us. We are smart enough to see what is going on.

Generally, I believe that our problems are not balancing on party lines but that they run deeper than the house of congress (although that is clearly where much of the battle is being fought). I play this theory out in my book, Chasing the Giants (albeit fictional) by demonstrating through a story line how deep the corruption and greed go: Deeper than politics and corporations. In the book, the Giants are the ultra wealthy elite who have the power and resources to undercut the American Constitution and way of life by generating a huge undercurrent of power that converts even the most sincere public official. The Giants are unseen and unknown yet they rule not only our country but more and more of our planets real estate with each passing day. Not only must they be stopped in my book, they must be stopped in real life. THE GREED AND CORRUPTION MUST STOP! So I ask you to support this ideology in anyway you can, whether it is by supporting Restore the Republic, Freedom.TV, Republic magazine or by buying my book and subscribing to my blog. We have to speak up and let the Giants know that we are aware of there schemes and we are going to do something about it.

Beware, historically you are putting yourself at risk by speaking up and making your voice heard! Are you up for that? Will you wait until the "Change" we were promised never comes? Or will you make a stand for freedom and Liberty today? I hope you are brave enough to do the later!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Read the Fine Print

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I can not believe how obvious it is that our national media is painstakingly trying to manipulate the American populace. Do you remember a few weeks back when Congress was working through the "Financial Bail Out" for our banking system? Ok, now do you remember seeing all of the subtitles at the bottom of the screen of your TV? A popular subtitle was... "IS YOUR MONEY SAFE?". Well was it? Of course it was. The fact is, our banking systems have been doing fine and the bail out has proven to be nothing more than a good old boy support system to assure that the CEO's get their golden parachutes. I mean its week after the vote, and there was never a run on the banking system. Not because of the value of the bail out but because it wasn't a problem to begin with.

So why was it so absolutely critical to inject fear into the American viewers by flashing a bold FONT asking us if our money is safe? Again it is part of their agenda to manipulate our system according to the current crisis that they are pushing. Our money was safe and we never needed to raise the FDIC insured amount to $250,000. The only reason it was raised as part of the bailout was probably so the Bankers who stood to gain from the bail out could increase their savings and checking balances! I mean, if I knew I was getting an $80 billion dollar bonus, I would need a place to keep it too!

So after all the hype of the failed bailout, (which by the way, only failed because the American public caught them in their corrupt scheme) which was once a economic catastrophe, has been deemed a distraction from our next crisis... the terrorist activity in India. And of course this new crisis has taken precedence over the ill US banking system. Why? I thought we were all doomed and that our money was unsafe because of the tragic circumstances of our times! I'll tell you what I think... I think they got what they wanted... your tax dollars. And now that they have it through the bail out funds, it is time to move on to another crisis so that you will feel weak, afraid and in need of a powerful, secure government forgetting about their obvious embezzlement.

It is so obvious that the media is a part of pushing agendas to me. If it is not obvious to you, just spend a week watching national news programs and listen to their words and watch how their subtitles emphasize an agenda and sometimes even contradict the experts opinions to continue the thrust of an idea. It is simply comical and dangerous at the same time.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Blog

Well it's 6:32am on Thanksgiving Day 2008. I just want to say I am so looking forward to spending the day with my family! I just love the clanging of dishes and glasses while the meal is being prepared. I love the sound of multiple family conversations and I love being in them. Even though I would classify myself as an introvert, I do love a good conversation. I also love sitting around the fire and watching the kids play as they vie for our attention.

But this Thanksgiving is special. We are having it in our home and that makes it a bit more personal. I get to take care to clean the house and put up the decorations for our guests to enjoy. My wife and I get to prepare the food. I try not to stick my finger in the cookie dough but come on... m & m chip cookie dough! I just can't resist.

Besides the good food, spirits and family, I am really grateful for this country. My Grandfather, Dad and brother all served in the Armed forces to be sure that all of the freedoms and rights and our Constitution are kept intact and that our borders are protected from those who desire to dismantle our country. So thank you to all who ever ever served our country and to those who protect or teach or serve this nation in any way. You are servants in the greatest nation ever. Thank you.

With that said, let us not forget how delicate our system is. Our political system was designed under the assumption that men with integrity would continue to rule this nation. It was assumed that our fore fathers predecessors, would care deeply and appreciate the gift of our constitution and subsequent Bill of Rights. Yet here we are in a time when the constitution is nothing more than an after thought to the way we run government. Today we are living in a time when there is only one congressman who truly stands on the the Constitution as the foundation of our government. Today, Ron Paul (2008 Presidential Candidate) is a stand out who can claim that he is the "Champion of the Constitution"! But why must he make such a claim? Shouldn't we demand that every State Representative, Senator, Judge, appointed official, Mayor, Governor, Sheriff, Clerk and son on, all be "Champions of the Constitution"? Why in the world are we at the point where we have but one voice in government cry "Constitution...Constitution... please remember the Constitution..."?

Have we forgotten what America is standing on? Have we forgotten what our soldiers have given their lives for? Apparently we have. This country was not built on oil, or the banking system or the big 3 automakers. It was not built on big business in any way shape or form. This country was founded on Liberty and justice and the God given principles found in our Constitution. It allows for a balance of power, a small government, individual rights and the ability for each individual to protect him/herself in the case that a tyrannical government should emerge.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this Thanksgiving. And I hope you will do what you can to keep our Constitution alive and fresh in the minds of those who are in your sphere of influence. Read it. Learn it. And then take time to evaluate if what you see in government really emulates that most precious document. And remember, we have much to be thankful for!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The effect of Power and Greed.

As I was surfing my Facebook account today, I ran across a fellow member of a Facebook group, The American Monetary Institute. Amazingly he claimed that "i do not think bankers are that rich." and asked other questiions about the monetry system.
Quite naturally, I replied...

"I have some opinions...

First of all, if you do not think Bankers do not make that much money, than the $30 million a year salary that Hank Paulson made with Goldman Sachs must not be very much to you. Thats right... the appointed official of the United States Government that pushed for Goldmans bail out is the same son of a biscuit who Was the Ceo who was at the helm of the company as they headed into their "problems".

I agree with you on many points but there is one thing that I believe that you may not: That is... that the Federal monetray system is supposed to be so confusing the we simply stop looking into it. I don't think we will ever know the complete ins and outs, because if we did, the secret members and the operating managers of the Federal Reserve would actually be indicted and/or imprisoned by now. What's happening is that they are driving the value of the dollar into the ground by loaning out paper of no value which in the end, no matter how you slice it, is bought and paid for by the working class (Majority of tax payers) in both their tax dollars and interest paid in loans (cars, school and mortgages).

Of course the money that we pay to maintain our life styles goes somewhere, but where you ask? My theory is that is is going to a remarkably small number of people. The exuberant salaries of US CEO's, the short sellers on Wall St., and the few power elite that we probably never heard of are getting the pot of gold here. But the Federal Reserve which I'm sure you know is a private organization (not actually Federal as it is portrayed to be) is at the bottom of the funnel sucking in every 1-3% of original interest from every banking institution in the US. And all they are selling is a paper product worth a fraction of a cent. Its "their" product that we buy and pay interest on: printed with machines and ink that we pay for. IT Doesn't get any more corrupt than that!"

If you want to know more of what I think, check out my website and subscribe to my blog. I'll join you some other time when we can continue this conversation.

Then I added...

Here is a link to a few of the current criticisms of the Federal Reserve...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The UAW is the scapegoat.

I can't believe my ears when I hear intelligent people in Congress and in the news media discuss the UAW and its members with such ignorance. They throw numbers and wages and benefit misstatements around as if they worked for the Big 3 themselves. First of all, let me say this... I have not only worked for a small business for many years, I owned one as well and know too well the struggles and demands that are placed on a business. So I am not coming from an ignorant employee attitude. I am not a socialist. I am a straight up Capitalistic American. With that said, I have also worked several years in the auto industry with two large firms (Chrysler and Delphi). And it just infuriates me when I see people pointing fingers at the workers as the problem and the reason for the Big 3 woes. Lets set some facts straight.

*Labor is only 4-5% of the overall cost of your vehicle. Labor is not the reason for the high cost of your vehicle.

* We do not "Get paid" $60 an hour. That includes all wages and benifits. But everyone who gets a paycheck is getting payed more than their actual hourly amount. Come on! If you make $15-20 an hour you are getting paid $40-50 an hour in overall benifits. If you are not than you will have serious problems raising a family in this day in age and you are probably either a two income family or seeking a career that does pay an equivalent living wage.

*How much are our Reps and Senators making an hour with their 400% matching 401K's that you pay for with your tax dollars? Has anyone asked them that question? Now that is an exorbitant benefit!

*Yes some UAW members get paid while they are laid off. Thats called a severance package people and they are not the only ones who get it. Many employers retain their employees in a down time by limiting hours or just finding busy work for them to do so they don't lose their staff. That is the cost of employee retention. We don't just throw our employees away the first chance we cost too much to rehire and retrain. That is why UAW members get "Sub" pay (part unemployment & part company/UAW sponsored.) during a layoff.

*Some people seem to think that these jobs are only worth $10 an hour. If you think that, than you tell me your plan for raising a family on that wage. You tell me what the value of the middle class will become if that happens. And what employer would actually attempt to retain life long employees, who accumulate and build experience into there business by paying them entry level wages? No one thats who!. And who would come back to a $10 an hour job after a layoff with no benefits that actually entice them to return when things pick up. Answer: No one. They would simply find another job. Who wouldn't? You can't just sit around with no income waiting for a call back if you can't pay the bills.

I could go on and on. In fact I think I will continue this entry as a series to bring truth into the stupidity and blatant attempt to abolish unions by the Feaderal Businessocracy and the media that is giving the average American a biased view of Unions!

One last thought. Ever wonder where the minimum wage, 40 hour work week, vacation, personal days, sick days, workers compensation, health benefits, OSHA and retirement packages and pensions came from? Take a good guess. The Union!!! And guess where your wages and benefits are going to go when the UAW is dismantled by Big Corporations and your elected officials? \l/ \l/ \l/ \/ \/ \/ Get the point?

Friday, November 21, 2008

God is not the Problem

I read a ladies comment on facebook today that apparently saw a video on youtube that made her question her faith...This was my reply...

Please do not think your Faith is the problem...The Powers that be have faith as well. It is just faith in something much more evil and destructive than yours. So if faith is the problem, than what you are saying is that if we worship the sun or the owl like the illuminati, than we will be in the right? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!
No way is faith the problem, people are broken and faulted and corrupted no matter when (in time) and where you go. Its not a faith's a people issue. And I'll stand by that wether God, Aliens or Lizard people exist. Come on..when is the last time yousaw God come out of heaven and starve people, or manipulate the stock market or kick someone out on the street!!! Its not your faith or God that is the's us(That is the human race) and we better start realizing that or we will be chasing our tales!! I hope that helps, but it probably just gives you more dissonance.

PS> I'll probably make this my blog entry today. Thanks for the inspiration!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Hi. Just so you know, Chasing the Giants is based on real theories and evidence that there is a greater power that is controlling the social undercurrent in the United States and around the world. The Giants are representative of the Illuminate, Skulls and Cross Bones and other power elite. But the thing of it is, you and I will never know the truth. If there is no Illuminate, than what. That just means that this world is just a screwed up place. I already believe that, and outside of the "good times" you probably do too. But outside of Gods control, the evil in this world is on such a grand scale that we will never know how deep it runs. So speculate or deny, something is going on here. Just watch the news. I mean the banking system gets bailed out... and the working class gets the boot right in front of our faces. No one one is pointing out the fact that the Oil CEO's and Banking Execs came to Washington in private jets. But when it comes to the Big 3 which maintains the largest amount of actual middle class employees, they are targeted as wasteful and guilty of paying their workers too much.
I could go on and on but I wont. Just check out some of these vid's. Have a good one and may God seriously bless America...PLEASE!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Chasing Life...

In my book, Chasing the Giants, I write about the American experience. I write about what could happen in the near future if American politics and American monetary policy doesn't change. On a broad scale, history has shown that the masses always are faced with no other choice but to rebel. On a smaller scale history has shown that the masses always suffer even after they revolt. So What other choices do we have? Well the obvious choice is to start at the ballot box. But what happens when greed and corruption are too deeply entrenched to be cleansed simply through the voting process? This brings me to the main idea of Chasing the Giants. The corruption, greed and power that is moving Washington runs much deeper than Senators and State Representatives. I believe that we are very likely a Businessocracy, that is controlled by a wealthy corporate elite and quite possibly a chosen few above them.

If you want to know more you van find my book at Or you can find out more at Have a great day and God Bless America.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Chasing the Giants 101

This blog is about my book Chasing the Giants. I hope anyone who reads will give me feed back concerning the content of the book and tell me if they would buy it.

Chasing the Giants is a fictional conspiracy theory slash near futuristic thriller. The story is about two unlikely survivors of what is suspected to be a botched up nationwide terrorist attack on the United States. In this novel, Asher St. James is a hardworking family man who keeps a journal of the events that bring him through the many life threatening trials he experiences. After the attack, Asher meets Sarah Perkins, a highly intelligent and ambitious federal agent. Together they discover the depths of human corruption. And as Sarah plays her part in the Federal investigation, she encounters the truth and deceptions of our world while she pursues the Giants.

This novel is sprinkled with current political hot points such as the militia, the Second Amendment and the abuse of power in Washington. The story conveys the frustrations many Americans feel today concerning our current economic and political climate. It is filled with shocking images, conspiracies and a surprising turn of events.

You can find out more and purchase the book at

So without further a due, here is...