Friday, February 27, 2009

Yes we can!

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After reading some comments posted on my Facebook account, concerning our deviant Washington scoundrels, I wrote a little poem responding to my politically savvy friends! So I want to say thank you to all of you who responded and consequently inspired me to take my writing to the next level. Long Live Liberty, the American Dream, our Unalienable Rights & God Bless America Please!

Tea Parties are great.
As duly noted too late.
But where our power lies,
Is not within our eyes.

We are human, same as the elite.
But we kneel at the makers feet.
Our rights and currency they may keep .
But revulsion they shall reap.

Although they may seem to win,
They conquer us by sin.
Yet by the will of God, we retain
A faith and courage to sustain.

Though the queen may count us ignorant, unthinking.
We are not too naive to know when somethings stinking.
So, yes we can protest.. do not give in to fear.
We mustn't devolve our liberty my dear.

But where have we been these many years...
Where have we kept our bottled fears...
Now is not the time to tv watch and tow the line
Organize, I say... instead of whine!

Jeff Bennington

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just think for a minute!

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I have to admit, I have not always been one to spend much time pondering and analyzing the mysteries of life. I'm 100% guilty of being somewhat of a ditzy blonde type, who would simply waltz through life and roll with the punches. But for some reason, that is beginning to change. Maybe my thinking type wife is beginning to rub off on me. Or maybe the damage to my Cerebral Cortex from my car accident back in 1989 is finally beginning to heal. I hope so!

What Im saying is; I thank God that I am beginning to look at things differently. For example: I look at people differently. I have a much higher grace quotient than I did in the past. I look at my family differently. I know that I cannot control their futures. I can only guide them. I look at work, our government, my past, my future all very differently than I did when I was younger. All of which, I think and feel more deeply about than I ever have. I guess you can call that growing up. Or you can call it taking life more seriously. I call it walking around constantly thinking, being weighed down by things that probably shouldn't bother me. Whatever it is, it certainly has made me more aware, and much more intent in what I do.

When I sit back and think about who I would be if I just waited for life to unfold before me, or waited for events to take place, I find myself in a very lonely, isolated place. But if I intentionally choose to move forward, or look deeper at the world around me, I see so much more happening. Some times I like what I see, and other times I'm scared out of my mind at what is going on around us.

What I'm talking about here, is that I am concerned that we are becoming a generation controlled by an anchored desire to be entertained rather than to think. I fear that we as a nation have lost the ability to think. I fear that we have made thinking nothing more than a pastime rather than a way of life, because we have been so catered to, with our flat-screen, American idol, iPod culture. We are told what to think. We are told what reality is. And we have believed the lie. I wonder why we as Americans have not stormed Washington and strung up all of those idiots, who time after time vote to hand our hard earned money to special interest groups and lobbyists, all the while throwing in legislation (PORK) that take away our rights.

I fear we have lost the ability to see past the political rhetoric and partisan pep talks. I fear that we will be satisfied with the status-quo as long as we are not starving! But until that day comes, we are becoming nothing more than frogs sitting in a pot of warm water, waiting for it to come to a boil. But by the time we realize what is happening it will be too late. I mean what's wrong with $700 billion here and $787 billion there? What's a few cents tacked on to our mileage here and a little more paper work to buy a gun there? Not much... but just think for a minute... and think about what you will be doing in 10 years if you and 350 million of your neighbors keep pace with our current social and entertainment trends and never stop to think!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mayoral update!

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Just in case anyone in Kokomo, Indiana is concerned about the financial and ethical stability of our fair city, I am here to put your minds at ease! While on a date with my wife last Friday, I had the fortunate experience of running into one of our good friends, who happened to be dinning with Greg Goodnight, the Mayor of Kokomo. We said "Hi", and joked around for a minute as we got through the formalities of the introductions. But then they asked us to stay and hang out with them for a while. Of course we were up for a good night of fun and conversation, so we sat down and chatted with our new friends.

As it turned out, I had already met Greg and his wife a few years back while working at their home. I just didn't really know who they were. Nor was I aware of their civic involvement. But now that he is the Mayor of Kokomo, I recognized his face and eventually we talked about our previous home repair co-experience (Which was a good one by the way). But we also talked about the state of the city.

Being the political bystander that I am, I asked him the questions that any informed citizen should already know like: "What kind of shape is Kokomo in financially?" and "How is the economy affecting Kokomo's tax base?". Then of course, he answered those questions like any informed mayor should do; with confidence and knowledge. He was pleased to inform me that Kokomo is actually doing very well. They have trimmed the budget and are keeping additional debt at bay. He further informed me that while other cities in the state are accumulating debt, Kokomo is actually finding creative ways to save money!

So, kudos to Greg and his team. It seems as if he is doing a great job when other cities are struggling. And by the way, he and his wife were very friendly and pleasant to us even though we were somewhat strangers. He is obviously a thinking man and avoids the common distractions of life such as television and excessive entertainment. What a role model! Not only to me but to fathers and leaders everywhere. After dining with him that evening, I could discern the he deeply cares about his family, his friends and the city of Kokomo. He is focused, intelligent and quick witted. All in all, he is what I call a good guy! And I think that as long as Greg Goodnight is overseeing the City of Firsts, we are in good hands in good times and bad! Go Greg!