Monday, December 1, 2008

Read the Fine Print

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I can not believe how obvious it is that our national media is painstakingly trying to manipulate the American populace. Do you remember a few weeks back when Congress was working through the "Financial Bail Out" for our banking system? Ok, now do you remember seeing all of the subtitles at the bottom of the screen of your TV? A popular subtitle was... "IS YOUR MONEY SAFE?". Well was it? Of course it was. The fact is, our banking systems have been doing fine and the bail out has proven to be nothing more than a good old boy support system to assure that the CEO's get their golden parachutes. I mean its week after the vote, and there was never a run on the banking system. Not because of the value of the bail out but because it wasn't a problem to begin with.

So why was it so absolutely critical to inject fear into the American viewers by flashing a bold FONT asking us if our money is safe? Again it is part of their agenda to manipulate our system according to the current crisis that they are pushing. Our money was safe and we never needed to raise the FDIC insured amount to $250,000. The only reason it was raised as part of the bailout was probably so the Bankers who stood to gain from the bail out could increase their savings and checking balances! I mean, if I knew I was getting an $80 billion dollar bonus, I would need a place to keep it too!

So after all the hype of the failed bailout, (which by the way, only failed because the American public caught them in their corrupt scheme) which was once a economic catastrophe, has been deemed a distraction from our next crisis... the terrorist activity in India. And of course this new crisis has taken precedence over the ill US banking system. Why? I thought we were all doomed and that our money was unsafe because of the tragic circumstances of our times! I'll tell you what I think... I think they got what they wanted... your tax dollars. And now that they have it through the bail out funds, it is time to move on to another crisis so that you will feel weak, afraid and in need of a powerful, secure government forgetting about their obvious embezzlement.

It is so obvious that the media is a part of pushing agendas to me. If it is not obvious to you, just spend a week watching national news programs and listen to their words and watch how their subtitles emphasize an agenda and sometimes even contradict the experts opinions to continue the thrust of an idea. It is simply comical and dangerous at the same time.

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