Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Blog

Well it's 6:32am on Thanksgiving Day 2008. I just want to say I am so looking forward to spending the day with my family! I just love the clanging of dishes and glasses while the meal is being prepared. I love the sound of multiple family conversations and I love being in them. Even though I would classify myself as an introvert, I do love a good conversation. I also love sitting around the fire and watching the kids play as they vie for our attention.

But this Thanksgiving is special. We are having it in our home and that makes it a bit more personal. I get to take care to clean the house and put up the decorations for our guests to enjoy. My wife and I get to prepare the food. I try not to stick my finger in the cookie dough but come on... m & m chip cookie dough! I just can't resist.

Besides the good food, spirits and family, I am really grateful for this country. My Grandfather, Dad and brother all served in the Armed forces to be sure that all of the freedoms and rights and our Constitution are kept intact and that our borders are protected from those who desire to dismantle our country. So thank you to all who ever ever served our country and to those who protect or teach or serve this nation in any way. You are servants in the greatest nation ever. Thank you.

With that said, let us not forget how delicate our system is. Our political system was designed under the assumption that men with integrity would continue to rule this nation. It was assumed that our fore fathers predecessors, would care deeply and appreciate the gift of our constitution and subsequent Bill of Rights. Yet here we are in a time when the constitution is nothing more than an after thought to the way we run government. Today we are living in a time when there is only one congressman who truly stands on the the Constitution as the foundation of our government. Today, Ron Paul (2008 Presidential Candidate) is a stand out who can claim that he is the "Champion of the Constitution"! But why must he make such a claim? Shouldn't we demand that every State Representative, Senator, Judge, appointed official, Mayor, Governor, Sheriff, Clerk and son on, all be "Champions of the Constitution"? Why in the world are we at the point where we have but one voice in government cry "Constitution...Constitution... please remember the Constitution..."?

Have we forgotten what America is standing on? Have we forgotten what our soldiers have given their lives for? Apparently we have. This country was not built on oil, or the banking system or the big 3 automakers. It was not built on big business in any way shape or form. This country was founded on Liberty and justice and the God given principles found in our Constitution. It allows for a balance of power, a small government, individual rights and the ability for each individual to protect him/herself in the case that a tyrannical government should emerge.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this Thanksgiving. And I hope you will do what you can to keep our Constitution alive and fresh in the minds of those who are in your sphere of influence. Read it. Learn it. And then take time to evaluate if what you see in government really emulates that most precious document. And remember, we have much to be thankful for!

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Jennifer said...

I know this is going to come as a shock and may seem a strange way to contact you but this is the former Jenny Renshaw, now Holbert, from your past in Aurora, Ohio! I understand that you recently contacted Lisa Adams and was curious about my whereabouts. Well, here I am. I was given your blog address and thought I'd throw a comment your way. I tried to find you on Facebook but was unsuccessful! Look for me there if you want to. Sounds like you are doing well and have a great family and life. I'm enjoying the same.

Have a great day. If you could remove my name from this comment before you post it to the blog, I'd appreciate it. I'm a little internet wary putting my name out there for all to see. Call me paranoid!