Friday, November 21, 2008

God is not the Problem

I read a ladies comment on facebook today that apparently saw a video on youtube that made her question her faith...This was my reply...

Please do not think your Faith is the problem...The Powers that be have faith as well. It is just faith in something much more evil and destructive than yours. So if faith is the problem, than what you are saying is that if we worship the sun or the owl like the illuminati, than we will be in the right? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!
No way is faith the problem, people are broken and faulted and corrupted no matter when (in time) and where you go. Its not a faith's a people issue. And I'll stand by that wether God, Aliens or Lizard people exist. Come on..when is the last time yousaw God come out of heaven and starve people, or manipulate the stock market or kick someone out on the street!!! Its not your faith or God that is the's us(That is the human race) and we better start realizing that or we will be chasing our tales!! I hope that helps, but it probably just gives you more dissonance.

PS> I'll probably make this my blog entry today. Thanks for the inspiration!

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