Monday, November 17, 2008

Chasing Life...

In my book, Chasing the Giants, I write about the American experience. I write about what could happen in the near future if American politics and American monetary policy doesn't change. On a broad scale, history has shown that the masses always are faced with no other choice but to rebel. On a smaller scale history has shown that the masses always suffer even after they revolt. So What other choices do we have? Well the obvious choice is to start at the ballot box. But what happens when greed and corruption are too deeply entrenched to be cleansed simply through the voting process? This brings me to the main idea of Chasing the Giants. The corruption, greed and power that is moving Washington runs much deeper than Senators and State Representatives. I believe that we are very likely a Businessocracy, that is controlled by a wealthy corporate elite and quite possibly a chosen few above them.

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